Truro 2009

The choir is visiting the sea for its next cathedral visit – Truro Cathedral 28-30 August.

Page last updated: Mon 17 August. (Tomkins downloads added)

Music list (approved)


Tomkins responses
Psalms: 13, 64 (download Truro psalms)
Tomkins: Magnificat from Second Service and Nunc from Third (Great) Service
Then David Mourned – Tomkins


Clucas responses
Psalms: 34 vv 11-22 (download Truro psalms)
Howells Col Reg
Evening Hymn – Balfour-Gardiner


Introit: One Thing Have I Desired – Sumsion
Psalm (responsorial): 15
Walton Missa Brevis
I Sat Down – Bairstow & AN Other – Parry, Grieg or Edwards

Clucas responses
Psalm: 112 (download Truro psalms)
Stanford in B flat
In Beauty May I Walk or The Darkling Thrush – Jonathan Dove


FROM IAN (6 August):

I've been sorting out the accommodation and other cost details for the upcoming trip to Truro and the state of play is this:

(1) We are going to be staying in the Truro High School for Girls ( ).
(2) The cost per head will be £25 per day. This includes Bed and (English) Breakfast at the school and a few other minor costs such as music hire.
(3) I am hoping that everyone will be in Truro on the Friday and Saturday nights and hence require these two nights accommodation.
(4) I have made a provisional accommodation booking for a smaller number of people for the preceding Thursday (27 Aug) and following Sunday (30 Aug) nights for those lucky people who would rather travel the day before and/or the day after our singing session.

I'm keen to give the school a heads-up on our likely numbers for each night so the question that I would like to ask each of you is this:

Q. For which nights would you like accommodation in Truro?

Hope that you are all well and I look forward to seeing you in sunny Cornwall in just three weeks' time!




Friday 13.00 reh in the High School main hall. 2-3 'lunch'. 3-5 cathedral rehearsal. 5.30 evensong. Evening free.

Saturday – breakfast 9am. MOrning rehearsal 10.30 in song school. Lunch 12.30ish, resume 2ish. Evensong has just been moved forward an hour (to 16.30) which robs us slightly of rehearsal time (for Sunday, I mean – Saturday will be a breeze!). I might therefore (but will be aiming not to!) break my own rule and rehearse briefly post-evensong… but more likely we'll be in the Old Ale House by 17:21 :-$

Curry booked for 20:30 at Kathmandu.

Sunday will be 8.45am for 10am Eucharist, and thankfully Evensong is earlier than I first thought — now at 16.30 so those who need to get away can can do so before the sun goes down. (Personally I'm going to be staying in Cornwall and going to the seaside on Monday!)

Stuff you need to bring

ROBES – either from your local church choir or borrowed from a friend. Gown acceptable, but please wear all black underneath.

Academic hoods — if you own one and want to pose

Folders – we'll try and provide these this time!

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2 thoughts on “Truro 2009”

  1. Horrah, horray, looking forward to the next fabulous installment of my favourite ale/ cider drinking top notch choral enthusiasts so very much already…..

  2. One more day of work,
    one more day of sorrow,
    (though quite like work really)
    one more day of this old dump
    (/overall tolerably pleasant on call room)
    and we’ll be there tomorrow:-)))
    yippee!! Whatever the weather!!

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