St David's 2007

Here's where it's all at. Music, photos, vids and the rest. You may need to be logged in for reasons of legality or simple discretion. You only have to do it once though; click the box and it'll sign you in automatically from now on. More on logging in below.


The photos on here are courtesy of Emma, Jane, Claire, Jo R and Dan. I've arranged them into albums by event, so you have them grouped by eg nights at the YHA, singing and so on.


Thanks to Ian for recording (most of ;) the services. The majority of our items are on this section — however, a couple have been abridged and many others require you to log in. (UPDATE – actually, a lot of them are still being edited)


3 vids uploaded so far, including the Toppie bow. No sign of her Enrique Iglesias promo yet!

The surfers

A page dedicated to you, the singers!

Surfer Slang

One of CL’s aims at St David’s was to reclaim back to the choral world, terms which have been hijacked by the surfing community. Here they are with your suggestions as to their most appropriate meanings.


OK, maybe I’m a bit too sentimental for my own good but there were so many good times I’d like to record a few memories and anecdotes for posterity. Here they being, tied to the occasional photo.

Logging in

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Password: I've temporarily reset all passwords to “d0ve” (note zero, not letter 'o') but I can't leave them generic for long, so if it's changed again by the time you read this, there is a “forgot password” email facility that you can use.

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